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17 April 2008

A Sex Scene I Once Wrote

Placing kisses down Isaac’s neck, his chest, his stomach, Skyler slowly descended down towards the button of his jeans and utilizing his teeth he was able to pull them open and down and he rubbed his face over the cloth of Isaac’s boxers who lifted his hips, dug his fingernails into his palms and strained strained strained while Skyler removed his underwear completely, presented one of the condoms, licked Isaac like a lollipop before he slid the condom on and before Isaac had a chance to do the same to him, Skyler had stripped off his own pants and put on his own condom and then Isaac felt the other boy’s weight on him and for awhile he couldn’t see anything but close-ups of Skyler, not only limited to his face, and even when Skyler did something to him that he couldn’t do at the same time, all he focused on was his partner, and on the radio the CD changed and Isaac grabbed Skyler’s head with him still in Skyler’s mouth as the CD player switched discs, then Iggy Pop’s “Some Weird Sin” came through the speakers and Isaac allowed him to resume and moments later Skyler was inside of him and at first it hurt really badly but then he was inside of Skyler and their bodies were soaked with sweat, Isaac’s Beatle-hair splattered against his forehead in long, wet strands stinging his eyes while Skyler’s shorter hair jutted out in points mimicking Gothic cathedrals and Isaac found out that he was, in fact, a moaner and many times Skyler had to envelop him with his mouth as they thrust and moved and sweated until at that last singular moment when the condoms were ripped away and the explosions followed, shaking their bodies, sending them into spasms, and they collapses into one another, gluing together into each other’s boy-milk….

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