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02 November 2008

Candidate's Favorite Books:

Now, this is kinda important to me, but I'm always interested in what our leaders are reading. I feel that Obama's first choice is totally pandering, but the latter ones are honest and you can see a lot of his understanding of the world stemming from the novels.

Really, I'm not surprised at the McCain choices . . . I mean, Hemingway? The most goddamn masculine American author ever with a novel that's totally and completley about war war war. Personally, I don't much like Hemingway, and have put this argument forth many many times, that he's missing the humanity and complexity of Faulkner, the lyrcisim and poety of Fitzgerald, and the tragedy and immediacy of Steinbeck (I mean, Hemingway's all right, but he keeps getting all this attention that he doesn't deserve) and people have said, "Oh, you have to look underneath and between the lines to figure that out," which is silly since people are putting their interpretations and complications in themselves since it's hardly present and I'm going off on a tangent. Okay, I just wanted to say it makes sense McCain chose Hemingway, though, Senator, I'm pretty sure Robert Jordan is fighting the fascists not the communists (and not communistic fascists like Lenin or Castro, since Franco was all out right-right).

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