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12 March 2008

So Cool:

You may have heard of the Take Away Show -- this French blog that features indie bands walking the streets of (usually) Paris, playing their songs. Architecture in Helsinki leads a conga line to "Like It or Not"; Final Fantasy -- aka Owen Pallett -- tries to make a running escape; Yeasayer perform a few numbers, between giggles, in the subway; Vampire Weekend takes a nice stroll into a cafe . . . it's really a great site and since I've really discovered it (I swear I've seen some of these videos on YouTube before), I'm addicted.

Just like since really finally giving Menomena the listen they deserve, I've become addicted to them, too. My stereo has been overtaken by the new Cloud Cult (which is amazing), Friend and Foe (which is also amazing), and Return to Cookie Mountain (which I guess you can infer is also amazing) and I think that's a really great treat for my stereo, you know? Well, Menomena did the video and they played in the alleyway but these kids started dancing and it's really worth checking out.

#62.3 - Menomena - Wet and Rusting
by lablogotheque

Wander over to the site; you won't find a better way to spend some time.

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