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16 August 2008

A Fantastic Premise

In one of my many excursions on the Internet, as well as a site I frequently frequent, I came across this short story. And the premise is just so spectacular I had to talk about it (I would have done so earlier but I'm on the computer a far less time at home than I am at school). In a nutshell:

We all know about how scientists say eventually parents might be able to control the genes of their children -- give them blue eyes, equistrian features, and on -- to build the perfect child. With that option and the idea that being gay is a genetic condition in the same vain as being left-handed or near-sighted, parents might be able to make sure that the gene which carries the homosexuality trait (sidenote: I do believe this, the genetic thing), would be able to be erased, thusly, not forcing their kids to undergo the persecution, prejudice, and intolerance that comes with being gay. Unfortunatly, the same gene that carries the homosexual strand is the same one that contains the artistic one -- now, it's not saying that all artists are gay or anything, but that's the same gene homosexuality happens to reside, whether or not it's dormant -- and after years of eradicating that gene, the world suddenly loses all of its art.

I dunno, I just thought that that was genius and though the story is a piece of erotica (so: not safe for work), it is a really neat idea in general. I'm not going to say thought-provoking or anything along those lines, but I like it a lot. The story itself doesn't do a lot with the idea except set up a place for two boys to get in heat, which they do, but you have to wonder how this would have gone over had it been presented in a different medium?

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