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23 August 2008

New TV on the Radio Record Coming Soon!

Being home for a couple months really threw me out of the loop (I've been saying this a lot) so I just found out about a week ago that there's a new TV on the Radio record coming out on September 23rd.

It's called Dear Science and I've only heard two songs thus far, both of which I like quite a bit, and one of which is streaming on ("Golden Age").

There seems to be far more of a '50s influence, but TV on the Radio have always been a doo-whop/trip-hop/experimental rock sort of band, so it's in their genre, though they seem to be a lot looser and having a lot more fun. A lot of their loops and hooks remind me of the first Menomena album, which draws me to the record further.

As with any TV on the Radio song, it takes a few listens to really get it, both songs I've heard thus far -- "Golden Age" and "Dancing Chose", which, after he stops this bizarre rap, is simply fantastic -- but I also think that that's the appeal of TV on the Radio: on your first listen you go, "What did I just listen to? I have no idea but it was awesome." And then gradually you realize there's something even more amazing than what you originally thought.

Dear Science, probably won't be Return to Cookie Mountain, or it might be better, I doubt it (I'll explain theories about growths of bands later, if I remember), but I'm definitley buying it come September 23rd.

Incidentally, I hear Okkervil River's sequel to Stage Names is pretty good. And Of Montreal have a new one coming out soon, too.

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OnionKnightSpencer said...

Oh ho. This sounds very interesting, I'll have to look into it.