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12 October 2008

Old News Regarding a New Book

By now, any real fans would have heard this and, certainly, I've been aware of this rumor for quite some time already, but I just now felt like sharing it for no reason in particular (except that The Simpsons were cancelled tonight so that there could be some baseball), and maybe to build up some excitement, though, in the end, I don't think hardly anyone I actually know cares, because the only person I've met who has said they've actively read Pynchon is lying and full of shit. STILL!

The rumor is this: Thomas Pynchon, awe-inspiring, paranoia-inducing, attention-grabbing, totally fascinating author of Gravity's Rainbow, Mason & Dixon, and, most recently, Against the Day, is said to have a new one brewing, coming out, about to be exposed to us. I first heard about this through the literary message board that I frequent and recall being rather skeptical because, this is a man who had nearly 20 years between two books and his last came out in 2006, which wasn't as long ago as we all think.

I remember carrying Against the Day, which is 1100 pages in hardcover, around campus, along with the Norton Shakespeare, a factor that helped develop bicep muscles more than any iron-pumping I may or may not have undergone, and I really do like that book. Anyway, I wasn't expecting another Pynchon novel for a long long time.

But from the rumors, and some reporting on the LA Times, it appears that this is true, and we're getting a new Pynchon in August 2009 and I'm excited.

Let's not forget the projected new one from Gabriel Garcia Marquez later this year.

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