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22 October 2008

What I Hate About TV

What I hate about TV is that you have to wait an entire week, after the plot has just gotten really intriguing, or the preview presents something that looks like it's going to be very very interesting, to watch it.

Case in point: Pushing Daisies, my favorite show right now and with each increasing episode becoming even better, for example, tonight being a very capabale balancing act of the drama (like last week's nun episode) w/r/t Emmerson Cod and his mother and his daughter, and that overly the top fantastic whimsy (like the circus episode), w/r/t the friend-escort company, which, of course, leaves me wanting more and realizing that there's a whole 'nother week before Ned's back.

So, come 7 o'clock next Wednesday, I'll be more than ecstatic but by 8'll be saying this exact same thing.

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