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23 February 2009

Last Night's Oscars

Such a predictable show last night. I only tuned in for some parts and luckily saw the ones that I actually cared about. Of those, there were two pretty good speeches, both coming from the Milk wins.

Dustin Lance Black's was elegant and wonderful, not preachy but comforting and welcoming and just very well delivered. Watch here:

Sean Penn's was a little long on the graitudues at the beginning, but his postscripts were....

Frankly, I don't understand why there's still all this opposition; this hiding behind facades of church and religion; this overall fear of basically nothing. How long do you think it would take people to just get over it? To make them realize that everytime they throw out an attack, make their protesting statements, say their bigoted comments, they are putting themselves in a negative light? Making themselves come off as less intelligent and more wicked? Why do people need to feel this way, projecting their own frustrations and fears onto another group of people that has no true differences than them? How can these people possibly think that they're doing the right thing?

I don't understand it at all.

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