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21 February 2008


I was talking about it the other day to a friend: I'm really private when it comes to music. Sure, I'll share it with anyone, but I don't listen to it with groups of people. I like having it for myself, experiencing it by myself; and somehow, sitting in a room listening to a music with a group of people just doesn't appeal to me. Nor does playing video games or watching me. I'm a very solitary person I suppose. What makes the whole music thing more hilarious is that I'm a DJ. Though that's the whole sharing thing again. I'm playing the music, but not actually listening to it with anybody, trapped in the basement of the LSC, all alone with that soundboard.


Also weird: I'm writing my first story ever in first person. I usually hate using it, it feels a cheap way to make you associate with the character and I'm all about keeping psychic distance, but right now it's a really interesting experience. Testing it out, seeing what I can do with it. Which is what I use short stories for: experimenting with literary methods (that almost sounds sexual -- and you know what? it is). I can go back to anyone of the short stories I've written, as craptastic as they may be, and tell you what I was trying to do. I'd list them now, but without having read them, it wouldn't make much sense would it?

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