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08 February 2008

Things You can Apparently do with Guitar Hero II

So someone manipulated Guitar Hero to play Buddy Rich's "Channel One Suite," which may be my favorite jazz song of all time. I remember I played it when in my high school jazz band and it probably stands as the most difficult song I've ever attempted. The first time I got through it completley, with the least amount of screwing up, was probably one of the best days of my entire musical career. There's about seventeen different time changes and tempo variations, and once you nab down the sequence of notes (I'm speaking of the real ones here) you have to then keep the rhythms going, which, as I mentioned, tend to fluxuate at their own whim. Once played together it sounds amazing, spectacular, and just plain ole awesome. Our group only did it once live and it was all right -- there were better verions in rehearsal -- because most people didn't care about the music, which was sad. I worked on that song so much I still have a lot of it memorized.

However, I still think it's more impressive if you can play the song for real, but this is fun to watch, though he does cut out the drum solo. What's with that?

Incidentally, does anyone know how to make YouTube not suck with Blogger? I can't post both videos. Lame. Anyway, scroll down to see both videos.

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Ian said...

Your novella looks cool. Tell me when it's done. You should excerpt part of it in Dave Gilbert's Wolf Boy zine.

And you're linked on my blog now. Enjoy the massive amounts of traffic!