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14 February 2008

Oh My God, oh My God, oh My GOD!

Screw Batman and Speed Racer and Harry Potter and Hellboy and pretty much anything else that's coming out this year. You wanna know why? That's right: it's the latest installment of Indiana Jones!

Now you know what? Raiders of the Lost Ark may be my favorite movie. I don't think it's one of the greatest movies of all time, or that it should be held in regards with others: it is the greatest. That movie has everything that movies were invented for: fun, adventure, hilarity, thought-provoking questions, which can get bundled down, as well as a hero who is just plain lucky and unlike the lower level French professor who is just one lesson ahead of the students, you're right in line with this course of thinking. It's brilliant filmmaking and I've watched that movie so many times...but still get all invested into the story.

So the trailer for the new installment was released today: I cannot wait to see it. And you shouldn't either.

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