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15 February 2008


So: in the new Indiana Jones trailer, there's a bit that looks a little computer-touched, if you know what I mean. It's maybe a minute in, right after Dr. Jones is first officialy introduced -- the thing people on the IMDB boards are calling Ray Winstones's CGI pants extravaganze. What happened, to explain it all, is that the MPAA told Paramount and Spielberg that having guns that close in the frame wasn't appropriate for all audiences, never mind the shootouts, car crashes, punches, gun cockings, explosions, and imitiable dangerous actions that follow afterwards. In the international version the weapons are intact and also the American flag has been 86ed.


Why are the MPAA still around? What's it going to take to bring them down? Come on, filmmakers, someone out there has to have the power of Radiohead and say "Screw you" to the bigwigs. The MPAA itself, which treats us as mentally challenged children -- us! usually intelligent, grounded people -- doesn't seem like it should be that difficult to bring down; already it's too loose in its construction, barely holding together any respect or acknowledgement anymore. You don't need This Film is Not Yet Rated to tell you that (though it is interesting).

Funny how something created to protect artists from censorship became the biggest black-blocker there ever could be . . . oh wait, no it isn't. It was inevitable.

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